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polar^m [mirrored]

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The polar^m [mirrored] landscape explores the noise intelligence present in ephemeral and apparently random radiation phenomena through micro and macro transitions Continue reading

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Array Is the New Lattice

For a long time now, we’ve had an ongoing internal debate over what to call the data structure we use to pass large chunks of memory around between audio and graphics processing code. We’ve variously used names like Matrix, Buffer, Lattice, and Array, but never really settled on one particular name. Depending on if you’re writing audio, 3D graphics, image processing, or mathematical software, the names that makes sense will change. Continue reading

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Timing & Scheduling

LuaAV has a powerful timing system, using on an internal scheduler that preserves deterministic ordering and logical timestamps to nanosecond accuracy. The deterministic ordering and accuracy is preserved in many messages to the audio system, such as adding/removing synths. The … Continue reading

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