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Live coding

Live coding (wikipedia) can be an intense and rewarding experience. Here are some notes on how it works in LuaAV. = true LuaAV is responsive to user editing by reloading the script whenever it is saved. However, reloading will … Continue reading

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New release (January 2011)

We’re pleased to announce a new release of LuaAV – grab it from [intlink id="91" type="post"]here[/intlink]! See the [intlink id="386" type="post"]release page[/intlink] for an overview of the changes. Continue reading

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Multi-channel audio

Multi-channel expressions LuaAV’s audio.Def expressions can handle multi-channel streams quite easily. To expand an expression into multiple channels is a matter of replacing a singular argument with a list. Taking this simple sine tone: local mono = Def{   SinOsc{ … Continue reading

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Audio tutorial 1: making sound

Audio synthesis in LuaAV is designed to be efficient yet flexible, and tightly linked into the timing system of LuaAV scripts. However, compared to events and function calls in Lua, or rendering a frame of graphics to a window, producing … Continue reading

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