New release (January 2011)

We’re pleased to announce a new release of LuaAV – grab it from here!

API changes:

There have been some important changes in how some of the modules are used. For users of the previous release, here’s a quick summary:

  • audio.def module is renamed audio.Def, and usage has changed (see this post for a tutorial) as summarized in this code snippet:
    -- was: require "audio.def"
    local Def = require "audio.Def"
    -- was: audio.def.globalize()

    local mydef = Def{
        freq = 440,
        -- was: Mix{ "out", SinOsc{ V"freq" } }
        SinOsc{ P"freq" }

    Other usage remains the same.

  • Lattice is now called Array (see this post for more). Usage looks like this:
    local Array = require("Array")

    local arr = Array{
        components = 4,         -- The number of components (samples per-cell)
        type = array.Float32,   -- The data type
        dim = {512, 512},      -- The dimensions
        align = 4,            -- Optional byte-alignment

    print("components: "..arr.components)
    print("type:       "..types[arr.type])
    print("dim:        "..table.concat(arr.dim, " "))

    -- set data in cells:
    arr:setcell(128, 128, { math.random(), math.random() })

    -- integer lookup
    print(unpack(arr:getcell(128, 128) ))

    -- interpolated floating point lookup
    print(unpack(arr:read(128.5, 128.5) ))

    All existing objects that used matrix or lattice now use array, e.g. Image:array().

  • All module names that are actually object constructors have now been capitalized.  This includes both Lua modules and C modules in the following list:
    • image -> Image
    • all of the gui sub-modules
    • array -> Array
    • audio.def -> audio.Def


  • Entirely rewritten audio.Def module.
    • Many changes have been made to improve the JIT compilation time (with no impact on the performance of the generated machine code). Around a 10x speedup was noted during testing.
    • New generators: Buzz, Saw & Square oscillators, biquad (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject, all-pass), noise (white, pink, brown) and other utility generators.
    • Better handling of multi-channel streams in the generators (including new Channels, Mono & Stereo generators)
  • Stability improvements in the audio engine, and some optimizations to reduce construction overhead.
  • Lua interpreter updated to LuaJIT 2.0 beta5 (OSX).
  • Clang module now supports C++ and embedded in libluaav
  • Image module on OSX uses CoreGraphics native image I/O framework
  • opengl module has been completely re-written and now includes sub-modules for textures, shaders, slabs, and utility drawing functions
  • font module now uses both FreeType and native Cocoa NSFont class for font rendering
  • New opencl module for parallel data processing on both the CPU and GPU
  • The LuaAV console now highlights errors for easy scanning of console output
  • Lots of other docfixes and bugfixes (thanks to the students of UCSB MAT 594P especially for pointing many out!)
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