LuaAV is currently under development and hosted in a subversion repository at the Media Arts & Technology program of the University of Califorina, Santa Barbara. Source code and project activity can be viewed on the LuaAV Trac site.

Interested parties may wish to check out the current development version from:

svn co 

After checking out, LuaAV can be built as follows:


cd buildtool

lua build.linux.lua ../ 


You will need Xcode/developer tools installed, with support for the OSX 10.5 SDK.

Open buildtool/osx/luaavmake.xcodeproj and build the Build target. This will build the buildtool and then run build.osx.lua. Any errors will show up in the build results pane of Xcode. Note - it may take quite a while to build!